Anger Management Strategies

Surely, we all become angry every now and then to lash out at the people who annoy us or who have let us down. We will learn about some anger management strategies to help us react better and avoid violence when responding to these situations. 

I used to get angry at some people usually because I couldn’t believe how they treated me.  I did it as a way to teach them a lesson so it would help them fix their ways.  The only way I would respond was by yelling at them, threatening them or by using some violence against them. 

Let me give you an example of a situation when a person basically cheated me out of a large amount of money.  At the time I was thinking about turning my front garden into a driveway.  I had a lot of people coming to the house which gave me a quote for the work. 

I made the decision of accepting a quote from John who appeared to be a nice and trustworthy man.  Him and his team spent several days laying the drive.  At all times, I was keeping them well supplied with foods and drinks; we all appeared to get along very well. 

He told me not to park my car on the new drive for a few days so that it can settle and become hardened. I was shocked to find out that the driveway dipped and a friend told me later that they had not put any hardcore (I think this is the name for it) down. 

I tried to contact John numerous times, but he never answered his phone.  I even visited his house, but he didn’t answer his door.  This got me very angry and I started to plan my revenge. 

Walking away 

There were several options I had through courts which I pursued.  It was a long process and John ultimately did not have any money to pay for the damages, even though he admitted responsibility. 

Now I have decided to let nature take its course and step away.  This decision was not from the situation described, but also from any similar event. 

When my wife aggravates me, I will just walk away to compose myself.  Once, they told me to count to ten, which is a very good idea actually.  Getting angry like I used to get is not good for my health because it gives me stress, depression and makes me lose valuable sleep. 

Now I imagine people as apples in a bucket. Out of ten of the apples, three will get rotten. Instead of getting angry at the rotten apples, I feel sorry for them. 

I definitely believe in God and now I have decided not to seek any type of revenge as He will be judge and jury on Judgment Day.  At this stage, there is no place where these people can hide.   

Living life like this is much easier for me because it prevents me from doing something wrong and it gives me peace of mind. Sometimes I wish I would have known and used this type of anger management technique years ago. Give these a try and it may help you live a happier life.