Do You Worry Too Much? How To Control Your Over Worrying

We all experience at least some form of stress in our lives every day, but if you find yourself worrying too much that you are losing sleep and having a hard time concentrating at the work place, then it is time you take some action. Worry and fear are very powerful emotions, and if left untreated they can frequently cause anxiety and even depression.

The first thing for you to remember is that just like a seed can't grow without soil and water to nourish it, your anxiety can't grow without you feeding it.  Anxiety is caused by a strong fear or concern about a possible outcome.  These are the thoughts that are running unchecked through your head.  The only way to control your anxiety is by controlling your thoughts. 

You can start by thinking back to other times in your life when you worried about a certain thing.  Did the fear come true or was the worry unjustified?  How much time have you wasted agonizing over something that never came around?  It's normal to have a little anxiety, everybody does.  When the worry starts controlling your life, then it turns into a serious problem.  

Worry has never resolved anything.  Since worry is a type of fear and intense fear could paralyze us, anxiety can in fact make us fear deciding and stops us from resolving the problem.  Instead, we only keep running the same negative possible result time and again through our heads.  In reality, our fear does create additional fear. 

If you feel there is something wrong, then you have to concentrate on fixing it rather than worrying about it.  If it cannot be fixed, then worrying about what may happen tomorrow accomplishes nothing but spoiling today.  Worry on its own has never fixed anything. 

Anxiety could become a vicious cycle that feeds itself.  The only way for overcoming anxiety is for you to overcome fear, and this is accomplished by changing your thought process.  Before having a mind full of fear, fill it with hope and favorable outcomes.  Events rarely end up as horrible or as wonderful as we picture they will.  Our thoughts lean to the extreme while life is typically somewhere in the middle. 

Focus on the positives and when you feel any negativity creeping into your thought process, move it away and go back to the positives.  It is like a tug-of-war, either you control your anxiety or your anxiety will control you.  Begin with small issues and work your way up to bigger ones, always imagining a positive outcome.  When you can keep these positive results in mind, you then have to start taking positive action to make them come about.  The cure for anxiety starts as a thought and then works its way into a positive action.  If you have a lot of worries, then you need to either let several of them go or get yourself bigger shoulders.