How To Reduce Stress

In here we will look at different ways to reduce the amount of stress. I used to get very stressed out over many different things, but now I have learnt several ways to relax, which have successfully helped me to live a much better, and worry-free life. 

Several issues in my life have made me become stressed, lose confidence, and even depressed.   These are the following: 

·         Several problems with debt 

·         A lack of trustworthy friends 

·          Loss of job 

·         Thinning hair 

·         The fear of what people thought of me 

·          Problems trying to control my weight 

All these issues have caused me many sleepless nights.  I couldn’t sleep because I was not able to relax.   This was mainly due to over-worrying about all the problems I had. 

At one point I decided to do some research about ways on how to reduce stress, increase my self-esteem and also how I could learn how to relax.  After a long time of researching, I believe to have come up with great techniques and tools that would help me. 

Stress Management Techniques 

1.    Stop thinking too much.   I am a person who is constantly thinking about different ideas and things.  This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if my thoughts were good, but most of them were negative.  To help me stop thinking too much, I tried listening to more music.  What I did was that every time I had a negative thought, I would play music certain music. I would play the music in the car, when I am in the car, or even when I am in bed. 


2.    Listen to music.  The music will help me feel better and make me forget about the problems that were stressing me out.   


3.    Quit smoking .  This may not apply to you, but many people will start smoking a cigarette when they feel stressed.  However, a much healthier and cheaper choice is to exercise. 


4.    Start an exercising routine .  Exercising is one of the best ways to relax you and give you overall health.  I will lift some weights, walk on the treadmill, or do abdominal exercises which help me to let off some steam.  It also aids me in fighting against my anger and fears. 


5.    Learn how to relax .  No matter how hard I tried at first, relaxation was something very difficult for me to do.   Now I have begun to perform several types of alternative therapy such as meditation, tai chi and reflexology.  All these are great at helping people to relax and they also assist in reducing levels of stress. 


This is what has helped me on how to reduce stress and I hope that this advice will be beneficial to other people.