How To Reduce Your Stress By Doing Meditation Exercises

It is easy to let stress control your life. Having so many things to deal with like health, family, career and money and everything in between makes people feel there isn’t enough time in one day to get everything done. Stress in itself is not only bad enough, but stress can also produce physical and emotional harm if is left untreated. There are a variety of different drugs on the market that were designed to reduce stress, but is putting drugs and chemicals in your system the best way to fix this? There may be a better way to reduce the stress in your life. 

One of the best proven ways to reduce stress is through meditation exercises.  Although it might sound intimidating, meditation has taken place in every culture one way or another throughout history.  The following steps were developed to help you on how to clear your mind and relax, and you will be surprised to find out how much it can reduce stress. 

Start each relaxation time by reducing any type of noise, distractions and interruptions.  Take all the privacy and time that you need.  Sit in a comfortable position, were loose and comfortable clothing.  Try to relax first and then take several deep breathes.  Then, close your eyes and try to mentally picture one peaceful word, thought, or image.  If you have a memory, a picture or anything that relaxes you, try to imagine that.  Some people will relax at the sound of the ocean, others with waterfalls, while others with the memory of staring off a mountain peak.  Now clear your head and allow your muscles to loosen up.  Don’t worry about what’s happening around you.  Relax and enjoy the peace that your image offers you. 

If you find yourself drifting away from the image, don’t force it to come back.  This is the best time to stop.  While rapping up, stretch and exhale deeply.  This is the most common initial and basic form of meditation.  While it works great reducing stress, it is also the basis for a variety of other exercises and meditations. 

When you decide to push on, you should always start with this basic meditation and relaxation technique.  As you go any further with your exercises, try concentrating on the phrases that help you relax.  “Nice and easy”, is usually a good generic one, while some Christians meditate using the scripture “Be still, and know I am the Lord”.  There are many different types of meditative scriptures for just about most faiths, and ample of non-religious phrases, chants, or incantations.  Discover the phrase that works best for you and search around for more exercises.   

Meditation provides a great way to relax and will most probably help you better to improve your health and reduce your stress than any drug.  Besides, the only side effect you get with medication exercises is a calmer healthier life as a consequence of your improved mood.