How To Reduce Your Stress By Shopping

Shopping …shopping…and shopping again. Almost everybody is busy nowadays preparing gifts for their loved ones for different occasions.

It appears the word "SALE" which is placed everywhere inside the stores has become a magnet for shoppers to visit and buy.  This is because they know that most of the time, this sales pitch works since people will always want to buy items at a discounted price. 

However, people don’t just go to the stores looking for a sale, but they also shop as a way to release stress.  Shopping has been a good therapy for many people who suffered depression, either at home, office or having problems with their partners.   

While and after shopping, those who were unhappy become happier and their pulse rate and blood pressure levels become normal.  That's why some therapists recommend that depressed women or men go shopping, in order to increase their ego and develop adrenaline essential for feeling-good sensations. 

To do this therapy, there should be some limitations.  It doesn't mean you can spend as much money as you can for the reason that this is just a glimpse of happiness.  You still need to face your long term condition. 

To assist you in having a good and relaxed shopping, here are five shopping tips in the mall that will prevent you from disappointment feeling: 

- Limit your spending.  Before you even go to the store, make sure you have a spending limit and stick to it.  Don’t overspend because it will only hurt you physically and mentally at the end. 

- Know what you want before you shop.  To avoid confusions, know what you want first and then look for that.  A good idea is to look up several item(s) you will be buying online.  This way, you will know what you want once you get to the store of your choice and you will get to it faster.

- Don’t fall in the trap of the "SALE "sign.  Take a deep breath to have a relaxed feeling so you don't feel like wanting to buy all those items.  Only buy what you came for and try not to over shop by buying anything you see that is on sale.  First of all, make sure it is a real “sale” because most stores will put those signs to attract people and make them believe that the price was reduced when it was not. 

- Window Shop.  Who said you even have to buy anything?  Walking around looking at stuff at the store or window shopping from one store to another is a great stress reducer, especially because of the calorie burning while you walk.  Shop around from store to store and compare prices.  You will be exercising without you even noticing it!  If your main purpose is to decrease stress, then you can just look around a mall and enjoy the environment. 

- Buy exactly what you want and nothing else.  Chances are you will see more than one item that you will like.  Don’t let any sales person convince you of buying what they want you to buy for their profit.  Instead, buy what you really like.  Ask questions if you are unsure, but do end up buying the things you really want and need, this way you won't regret what you bought later on, as this is another way of how your stress increases while shopping. 

While some love it and others hate it, if done properly, shopping can be one of the best stress relief techniques, but if done wrongly it can produce the opposite effect.  Simply try to enjoy your shopping and make sure that none of it will lead to becoming a negative, stressful situation later on.