Steps To Reduce School Stress

You're back to school and trying to balance exams, papers and projects. In the meantime, the cafeteria food has you homesick for some good cooking, and your roommate's pile of clothes is oozing into your side of the room. If all these things sound familiar to you, then you are dealing with college stress!

If college stress is more than you can handle, try using these stress reduction techniques suggested by CyberWize, maker of Vital StressX, a supplement specially designed to assist the body  with the management of stress. 

·         Get organized.  When your work space and schedule are arranged, the rest of your life becomes much more organized.  One thing you can do is take time to sort your papers into files divided by topic, putting your books on a bookshelf and clearing your desktop daily.  Next, if you haven’t already done so, get an organizer (paper or digital), PDA and place your due dates and social activities on the calendar.  This way you will be up to date with all the important dates and things you need to do.   


·         Keep a balanced lifestyle.  It's important to eat, sleep, and exercise on a regular basis.  Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, and take light snacks with you to maintain your energy throughout the day.  Try to get eight hours of sleep each night, and exercise for thirty minutes at least three times weekly. 



·         Talk about any problems with your professors or an advisor.  If you have any doubts about your classes, don’t hesitate to ask your professor.  Take advantage of the knowledge your advisor has in helping you how to manage your school schedule and fix any problems you are having with certain topics. 


·         Supplement your routine.  Researches have shown that some all-natural supplements, like Vital StressX, can be substantially beneficial in the fight against stress.  Vital StressX contains a mixture of seven herbs, referred as adaptogens, which have been shown in clinical trials to control the production of excess quantities of cortisol.  These adaptogens  were discovered by a Russian scientist and researcher called Dr. Israel Brekhman in the 1950s.  Adaptogen herbs are thought to help your body adapt to stressful conditions, increase energy and endurance, and help sharpen your memory and alertness.  "Vital  StressX facilitates focus and concentration, reducing stress and promoting success," said Dr.  Robert D'Amico, a specialist in osteopathic medicine in Tarpon Springs, Florida. 

Expectantly these tips will help you reduce your school stress.