What Is Commitment Phobia And How Does It Affect A Relationship?

Commitment phobia refers to the fear and avoidance people get when somehow they feel like they have to commit to something, such as a relationship. 

Typically a person suffering from commitment phobia becomes very critical of the other partner in the relationship.  They will try to annoy or even hurt the other person, in a way to damage the relationship even if it’s going perfectly fine. 

At times, the sufferers will reject others from the word go, to prevent any potential relationship development and this way they can maintain themselves at a safe distance.  Other type of commitment phobics will be affectionate and flirtatious.  These people will appear to want to be in a relationship until the fear over powers them and then they push the other person away, leaving them broken hearted. 

Certain commitment phobics truly would like to meet Mr or Miss Right and they even get married, but will have unrealistic standard expectations about their partners.  They could fall in love if they see that somebody is not interested in a long-term relationship.  This is a way they can choose someone freely to release their pressure and be safe from the long-term commitment 

The causes of this phobia are occasionally related to a certain type of loss or trauma, like a parental separation or bereavement. Perhaps they had an abusive childhood or they were not raised properly. This can have consequences when they approach adult relationships. At times, the main problem with them may very well be a fear of rejection by others. Therefore, to avoid this rejection feeling from happening, they will reject first, propose distance between themselves and others so that they can feel safe.